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Spain to host Iran's ‘COVID-19 Kaiju’

Iranian short ‘COVID-19 Kaiju’ is to attend the BCN Sports Film Festival in Spain.

Iranian short title ‘COVID-19 Kaiju’ by Babak Nahidi has been selected to attend the BCN Sports Film Festival- Barcelona International FICTS Festival in Spain.

‘COVID-19 Kaiju’ will take part at the festival’s newly-launched category “Sport – Stay Home”, the Iranian Youth Cinema Society reported.

The category “Sport – Stay Home” is “exclusive for audiovisual films that establish a link between sport and the situation of confinement experienced in the world as a consequence of the coronavirus”, the event’s website reads.

Kaiju is a Japanese genre of films featuring giant monsters.

The term kaiju can refer to the giant monsters themselves, which are usually depicted attacking major cities and engaging the military, or other kaiju, in battle.

The festival is organized by the Barcelona Olympic Foundation, with the support of the Barcelona City Council.

One of the main objectives of the festival is “to bring the general public into contact with sports-orientated audiovisual content and the values that they represent. Whilst offering the media, film directors, producers and specialized distributors a meeting place in which they can exchange views and information.”

The 11th BCN Sports Film Festival will be held on October 26-30 in Barcelona.