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‘The Fox’, a fake character for a real story: ifilm review

ifilm English publishes review on Saturday movie ‘The Fox’ by Behrouz Afkhami.

ifilm English website publishes review on Saturday night’s spy movie ‘The Fox’ by Behrouz Afkhami.  

Every artistic creation has its flaws and of course its strong points. This weekend movie is not an exception to this general rule; and next to all its positive aspects, it has some flaws too. Here, ifilm gives some reasons why you should not miss ‘The Fox’.

On top of all good reasons comes the fact that ifilmers have not seen enough spy movies on the channel and this can be a different and exiting experience. The film shows how espionage is taking place and how it will threaten the lives of some top-rating scientists in Iran.

Since Iran claimed its independence from the foreigners by the 1979 Islamic Revolution, there have been lots of terror acts done on the elites of the country. The situation worsens when Iran claims its rights of having the clean sources of energy which is the nuclear power. The scientists working on such projects have never been safe as commissioned assassins have been after them.

For those of ifilmers who are big on fast-paced movies, ‘The Fox’ is a great choice. The flow of events gives the film a fast tempo that will meet your expectations of a movie in this genre.

Having a story that contains assassination scenes, the film is not a cliché. It bends genres a bit with a taste of comedy added to it. There are scenes when the seriousness of the issue will be shadowed by the comedic moments created by the characters.

Who does not want to learn realities that happen around them? The film is based on a true story and that can be a good enough reason for film lovers to watch it. Afkhami has said in an interview that the main character of his movie is made up but the life he lives in the flick is real.

And last but not least, the cast members of the flick are popular with ifilmers. It reads names such as Hamid Goudarzi, Babak hamidiyan and Arash Majidi.

ifilm weekend movies air each Saturday at 22:00 GMT. In case, you would miss it, then you can watch it on one of its repeats the next day at 04:00, 10:00 and 16:00 all GMT times.