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‘Blade and Cashmere’ presents teaser

Iran online streaming film ‘Blade and Cashmere’ reveals teaser.

Iranian feature film ‘Blade and Cashmere’ has revealed teaser while screening online.

The released trailer for Kioumars Pourahmad’s latest cinematic flick mainly features the star of the movie Pejman Bazeghi, the actor who is known by ifilmers with several shows including ‘Passing through the Hardships’.

‘Blade and Cashmere’ is a social flick with focus on women and their worries.

It narrated the story of a 26-year-old woman named Termeh, who lives with her uncle.

Some hidden secrets will come to light when Termeh’s mother comes back to Iran.

Besides Bazeghi, Houman Barqnavard, Mehran Rajabi, Laleh Eskandari, Diba Zahedi, Maziar Khosravi and Kourosh Soleymani are among the cast members of the movie.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, the film industry has taken alternative paths to make movies available to cinema enthusiasts. Currently the video on demand services and online movie streaming websites are much more at viewers’ disposal that before.

In Iran, too, some movies have got their premieres online instead of the movie theaters. The movement was pioneered by Ebrahim Hatamikia’s ‘Exodus’ followed by Parviz Shahbazi’s ‘Talla’ and ‘Blade and Cashmere’ has been the third on the list to go online.