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Who else was to play Zoleikha in ‘Prophet Joseph’?

Leila Boloukat was originally picked to play Zuleikha character in ‘Prophet Joseph’.

When casting for ifilm popular series ‘Prophet Joseph’, Leila Boloukat was originally picked to play the Zuleikha character.

In an interview, the Iranian actress has revealed the fact that she was the final pick among the 1500 people who auditioned for the female lead role in Farajollah Salahshour’s religious narrative on Prophet Joseph’s life.

After this successful audition, Boloukat would have played the youth of Zuleikha and the actor who was selected to bring to life her old age was Nikou Kheradmand.

‘A Time for Love’ star was then not able to attend the shooting due to an accident happened to her. Besides, the production team had decided they needed an actress whose face has the potential of makeup for both young and old Zuleikha. Therefore, Katayoun Riahi was a suitable pick to play the part.

She was, however, offered to play the role of Nefertiti, Akhenaton’s wife.

ifilm has already aired a number of flicks starring Leila, including ‘Abraham, Friend of Allah’, ‘Light and Shadow’ and ‘The Hidden Secret’.

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