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Iran Oscar-winner keeps us in dark for 'A Hero'

Iran's two-time Oscar winner has kept under wraps any updates on latest project in Shiraz.

Two-time Oscar winner Asghar Farhadi has leaked little info on latest project in Shiraz, media says. 

This is Farhadi's style in moving on with his cinematic projects in silence, and even based on what some Shiraz cinema activists shared with Iranian local media, he has sent delegates to the city to choose the filming location, and with the cooperation of the most well-known Shiraz cinemas, to kick off his new flick in the city of flowers and nightingales.

But what makes Farhadi's latest work more interesting is the ambiguity about the progress of his film, which draws attention and circulates rumors surrounding his new work.

What can be said for sure is when it was announced that ‘A Hero’ would reach the pre-production stage in the next two months with filming to begin this summer in Shiraz, it is already more than 5 months and every now and then some unreliable news is published.

According to a media report quoting an officer attached to the Administration of Islamic Guidance and Culture Department in Shiraz, Farhadi’s new film is set in Shiraz with the permit for its production issued by Iran’s Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

Producers for the new flick are Farhadi and regular collaborator Alexandre Mallet-Guy of Memento Films Production, which has made Farhadi’s last three films. Memento Films Distribution will release the film in France.