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Iran’s animation ‘Damoun Jungle’ reveals trailer

Iranian animation ‘Damoun Jungle, Yes or No’ reveals trailer.

Iranian animation ‘Damoun Jungle, Yes or No’ has revealed a trailer while competing at the Taiwan International Children’s Film Festival (TICFF).

Co-directed by Hadi Amiri and Raha Faraji, the animation tells the story of Filoo, a little elephant who lives in the jungle with other animals.

He is super kind to his friends, but just too kind.

His biggest problem is that he is unable to say “no” to others.

Being asked to take on too many unreasonable chores, Filoo always ends up exhausted, but not for long!

His encounter with a special mentor changes his mindset completely.

The animation went on screen at the TV/Web Program section of the Taiwanese festival in Taipei on June 8.

The section will also screen ‘Sloth’, a funny and heart-warming animation; ‘Pichintun - Camilo, A Blind Boy’, stories of children around the world; ‘Kids of Courage', the story of a boy in a dilemma of loyalty; and ‘Operation Ouch!’, a UK awarded program full of knowledge.

The TICFF was initiated in 2004 in order to broaden the international outlook of children in Taiwan and stimulate their ability to create and use their imagination.

It is the only such activity in Taiwan designed specifically for children 12 years old or younger.

In addition to bringing in and showing outstanding dramas, documentaries, animations and television programs, the event includes an international competition that attracts the best works in children’s viewing to participate.

The 2020 edition of the TICFF will run until August 5.