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‘A Beautiful Revolution’ actress featured in music video

‘A Beautiful Revolution’ actress has appeared in a music video themed on love between husband and wife.

‘A Beautiful Revolution’ actress Shaqayeq Farahani has acted in a music video themed on love between husband and wife.

The actress is no stranger to ifilm viewers with series such as 'Matador' and 'Like a Mother'.

The famous thespian plays the role of a woman who gets surprised with love and the vocalist Aron Afshar did his best to match the actress' perfect performance with his impressive voice in a song titled 'Dream Night'.   

Shaqayeq Farahani is the elder daughter of veteran Iranian actor Behzad Farahani and stage actress Fahimeh Rahimnia.

She took to the stage from an early age and acted alongside her parents. Her cinematic debut was a small role in the movie ‘Leila’ in 1996.

Her outstanding performance in the movie ‘An Umbrella for Two’ (2000) proved her to be a talented actress and brought her nationwide popularity.



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