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ifilm website reveals sneak peek at 'The First Night of Peace'

As the plot twists of 'The First Night of Peace' are revealed, here is part of what you can see next.

As you are getting to know how the plot twists of 'The First Night of Peace' are unraveled, here is part of what you can see in the next episode on ifilm.

The sneak peak starts when the man says, "Excuse me ma'am. Why are you seeing everyone in this room?” The woman replies, “Well, this room can't remain unused forever."

The female character, however, has a sinister plan for the man to whitewash a crime and make things look as if nothing has ever happened.

When a love triangle comes into play, people can play around with no causalities, though the characters in 'The First Night of Peace' may not envision any peace for the future.

Read these lines and see how the female character tries to convince Peyman (played by Amir Aqaee), "Now we need to think about those who are alive. I get upset when I see you so locked up in yourself. You shouldn't be so down at this age, you know. You really should have a life. It's your right to live with someone you love. I know that you've asked for Noushin's hand, and I know you really love her."

Peyman's love for Noushin (played by Yekta Nasser) is just deceiving him, putting him under the impression that everything looks fine.  

"The master (Mr. Rafee) was ill and we all had to take care of him. Then when it came time to divide up all his wealth, Farzad jumped ahead of all of us," Peyman said.

The woman reaffirms the misconception, saying that "you're like a son to me, Payman."

You can watch the whole episode here on ifilm website ahead of its airtime.  

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