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‘Intoxicated by Love’ announces release date

Iranian-Turkish biopic ‘Intoxicated by Love’ announces release date.

Iranian-Turkish biopic ‘Intoxicated by Love’ has announced release date after a long absence.

Hassan Fathi’s biopic on Rumi is currently going through post-production phase and is set to release by the end of summer.

According to Mehran Boroumand, the producer of the flick, some of the few scenes have been halted to shoot due to the outbreak of the coronavirus; and they will soon resume to be captured as the corona restrictions are lifted and the borders are opened.

He has also said that, “Given the current situation, it’s anticipated that the completion of the project will be the end of summer, but the release date depends entirely on the film screening situation in Iranian and world cinemas since it is a joint production and has to be screened concurrently in both Iran and Turkey.”

The flick, written by Fathi and Farhad Tohidi, focuses on the life of renowned Persian poet Mowlavi Rumi to be portrayed by Parsa Pirouzfar and his spiritual leader, Shams Tabrizi set to be depicted by Shahab Hosseini.

Some popular Turkish actors including Hande Erçel, İbrahim Çelikkol, Selma Ergeç, Bensu Soral, Burak Tozkoparan and Boran Kuzum will costar with Iranian stars in this biopic. 

Iranian vocalist Homayoun Shajarian has also teamed up with musician Sohrab Pournazeri to create the score for Fathi’s latest cinematic production.

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