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Migration Film Festival to screen Iranian ‘Ahoo’

The Int’l Migration Film Festival in Turkey is to screen Iranian short ‘Ahoo’.

The International Migration Film Festival in Turkey has scheduled to screen Iranian short title ‘Ahoo’.

Directed by Amir-Hossein Hemmati, the 19-minute flick is about an Afghan woman, named Ahoo, who tries to hold on to the difficult life where women are treated like second class citizens, tries to survive and make a living in this brutal environment that challenges her.

Only pursuing this purpose, Ahoo has an important secret that would put her in a difficult position if revealed.

This is the story of a strong woman who faces all difficulties in the middle of war and destruction.

Mahya Dehqani, Sima Salami, Alireza Mokhtari, and Masoud Reyhani are on the cast list of the short title.

The International Migration Film Festival invites everyone to reassess the contributions of migration to the civilization, the cultural impact between societies and the adaptation processes.

More than 50 films will be screened online during the festival and it will bring together hundreds of filmmakers, press members, participants from non-governmental organizations and academicians from Turkey and across the world.

This year’s edition of the event will be held online on June 14-21, 2020.