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Int’l gaming platforms to host ‘The Divine Light’

Int’l gamers are to receive new Iranian game ‘The Divine Light’.

International gamers have been set to receive a new Iranian game ‘The Divine Light’, a side product of acclaimed animation ‘The Last Fiction’.

Ashkan Rahgozar’s animation that has so far been available through VoD streaming services in more than 22 countries around the world and has recently signed a contract with MX Player mega streaming company in India will launch its gaming line this winter.

The game was originally made by Babak Arjmand and coproduced by Ehsan and Arman Rahgozar in 2D side-scrolling style and suitable for smartphones has now undergone some changes to target international audiences this time.

The new version is a joint production between Iran-based Hovarakhsh Studio and Australia-based Bluefish Studio. The new game will be available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Apple Arcade and it can also be installed on personal computers.

 ‘The Last Fiction’ is based on one of the epic stories of Abolghasem Ferdowsi’s masterpiece, Shahnameh (or the Book of Kings). When Jamshid gains victory over the devils with the Help of God, he surrenders himself to pride. This is when he loses God’s blessings and what comes next for him is a big defeat by Zahhak. Zahhak topples Jamshid and becomes the king. In fact, the most devilish king of all times.

The adopted game version of this work mainly focuses on the fact that when darkness casts shadow and means to destroy the divine light, some heroes will emerge who will fight to maintain the light. They’ll stand against the darkness, as the heroes and light need one another to stay alive.

Hamed BehdadHassan PourshiraziLeila HatamiShaqayeq FarahaniAshkan KhatibiParviz Parastouee, Bita Farrahi, Melika Sharifinia, Baran Kosari, Banipal Shomoun and Farrokh Nemati are also among the cast members of the feature.

The film, that attended at the Oscars as Iran’s representative, has screened at a number of national and international film events and has succeeded to win awards. At the Epic ACG Fest in the US, the film won the Best Animation award, for instance.

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