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Fake news terrifies Mostafa Zamani's fans

Star of ifilm hit series 'Prophet Joseph' shocks fans every so often with rumors of his death through fake news on social media.

Star of ifilm popular series 'Prophet Joseph' shocks fans every so often when rumors surrounding his death are all over social media.

The fake news on the death of celebrities is widespread on social media and sometimes stardom causes a lot of rumors and gossips about thespians.  

Among these stars, Mustafa Zamani is not an exception, who is haunted by the death rumor from time to time and this has terrified his fans.

The most recent was a rumor about his death in a traffic accident that led to his death with a photo accompanying the fake news.

In some very serious cases, 'Prophet Joseph' had to take it to the social media or do an interview with media to assure his fans the news was just fake.

ifilm wishes him a long and prosperous life as he has made unforgettable memories on the big and small screens. 


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