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Bangladesh to host Iran’s ‘Belonging’

Iranian short film ‘Belonging’ is to be screened at Sylhet Film Festival in Bangladesh.

Iranian short film ‘Belonging’ has made it to Sylhet Film Festival in Bangladesh.

The Iranian Youth Cinema Society reported that ‘Belonging’ directed by Morteza Sabzqaba will be screened at the 4th edition of Sylhet Film Festival.

“Maryam and Malek are a young couple who got divorced few months ago. Each week Maryam goes to her ex-husband's workshop to visit her child with the court permission,” a synopsis for the film reads.

Earlier reports said Parviz Rajaee’s ‘The Hands’ will also be screened in the event.

Sylhet Film festival is an annual film festival, which showcases full-length features, shorts and experimental films made by young independent filmmakers, according to the event’s website.

The festival aims to “provide the youth with a platform to showcase their talent in media”.

The 4th edition of Sylhet Film festival will take place online later this month.