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‘Chamran’ portrays mystic war hero: ifilm review

ifilm English website has reviewed weekend movie ‘Chamran’.

ifilm English website has reviewed the war-themed epic movie ‘Chamran’.  

Iranian cinema has some first-rating movies on topics of war and the Islamic revolution. Ebrahim Hatamikia’s ‘Chamran’ is definitely one such movie. Here we will see what makes this film, which will come to ifilmers this Saturday, worth to watch.

By the year 2013, when Hatamikia makes his war-themed movie ‘Chamran’, he has already had several successful flicks of the type in his resume; films such as ‘From Karkheh to Rhein’, ‘The Scout’, ‘Scent of Joseph’ and ‘The Glass Agency’.

The thing that makes this one different from his earlier works is that it is based on a true story and it depicts real Iranian war heroes and on top of them Martyr Dr. Mostafa Chamran. The film, however, cannot be considered a biopic as it only narrates two days in the life of this huge war veteran.

Earlier days through the victory of Iranian Islamic Revolution were full of unrests around the country. All the illegal militants who were after destroying the unity of the country did a lot to sabotage people’s revolution. One such attempt took place in the city of Paveh. An anti-revolutionary group had falsely claimed that the Kurds wanted independence.

That is when Dr. Chamran sets off to take control of the situation in that city and what remains of his action is the memory of his selflessness, sharp mind and fast action to take back the city and liberate its innocent citizens.

Although the movie has not been that successful in reflecting upon the mystic and thoughtful character of Martyr Chamran, it has been great at showing the fast tempo of the events that took place in Paveh city back then.

The special effects, the camera movements, the visual effects, the mise-en-scene and the perfect performances of the cast have all been hand in hand in creating such an immaculate must watch.

The film as a whole is a great reminder of all sacrifices the people and their army General did to maintain the unity of their home country, Iran.

As it was mentioned earlier in the article, the actor’s performances were among the strong points of the film. Some of the stars that made it possible have been Fariborz Arabnia, Merila Zarei, Babak Hamidiyan, Amir-Reza Delavari, Mehdi Soltani-Sarvestani and Saeed Rad.