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Ahmad Amini tells ifilm on series love triangle

ifilm director Ahmad Amini elaborates the story of his series on ifilm.

The First Night of Peace’ director Ahmad Amini elaborates on the story of his series currently on ifilm English TV.

As ifilmers are already familiar with the story of the show because around 19 episodes of the show have been aired by now, Nousheen is madly in love with Alireza, a love that is unrequited. Azar is the girl Alireza loves, though. And you have seen that Azar left him at the altar for an old burning passionate love that she had for Nousheen’s brother.

So, the story is a true manifestation of a love triangle which according to Amini, acceptable according to the norms of the society.

Regardless of all the discussions between Amini and the script supervisor of the show to whether work on such a daring story or not, the final decision was to take the risk. The result was such a popular show both in national and international scopes.

Of the same director, ifilmers have seen a number of other works such as ‘The Moon and the Leopard’ and ‘The Innocent Ones’.