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Get to know titular role of ifilm weekend pick 'Chamran'

Martyr Mostafa Chamran was scientist studying in the US and then became a defender of Islam.

ifilm weekend's flick 'Chamran' focuses on one of the most influential figures and outstanding role models in the Islam Revolution.

All the statements below were made by the Islamic Revolution Leader Seyyed Ali Khamenei about Chamran:

Martyr Mostafa Chamran was scientist studying in the US and then became a defender of Islam with his religious devotion. It befits to say that he was one of the top two students at his university in his field.

He left the academia and went to Lebanon for war against terrorism when Lebanon was going through one of the most bitter and dangerous eras of its history.

Chamran carried on his fight in Lebanon and later on when the Revolution gained victory, he returned to Iran.

Mostafa Chamran played an active role in different arenas when the Revolution started. He went to Kurdistan where he fought in the conflicts there.

Later, he went to Tehran to take office as the Minister of Defense. When the war broke out, he handed over his position and went to Ahwaz to join the war there.

Chamran continued to fight until he was martyred on June 21, 1981.

These events reveal that a position in the government was not of value to him; the material world was not of value to him; the attractions of material life were not of value to him.

However, he was not a person who could not enjoy life. On the contrary, he was very sensitive and artistic. He was a first-rate photographer, he would tell me, "I have taken thousands of photos and I am not in any of them because I’m always been behind the camera."

He had a tender heart for one who had not studied mysticism. Maybe he had not received education from anybody in any divine or mystic schools of thought, but his heart was after God. His heart was tender. He was a spiritual man, a man of praying. He was also an impartial person.

With this background knowledge, you can watch ‘Chamran’ with ease for this weekend.

The amazing coincidence is that ifilm is set to air 'Chamran' on Saturday in conjunction with the martyrdom anniversary of this great man of wisdom and ethics. Read more:

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