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Ali Zand Vakili sings for ‘Noble Born’

Iranian pop/classic vocalist Ali Zand Vakili sings the score for ‘Noble Born’.

Iranian pop/classic vocalist Ali Zand Vakili has sung the score piece for yet-to-be-released series ‘Noble Born’.

Directed by Behrang Tofiqi, ‘Noble Born’ (Aghazadeh in Persian) has made the second collaboration between Vakili and Hamed Anqa as the producer of the home market series after ‘At the Crossroads’.

Vakili gave his voice to sing the soundtrack of several projects made by Iran IRIB, which has earned him nomination for the best song at the Hafez Awards.

‘Noble Born’ is a brave report on what has happened during the two past years in Iran’s policy and economy.

The film shoot began six months ago and is soon to hit domestic market of home entertainment in Iran.

Sina Mehrad, Amin Hayaee, Niki Karimi and Kambiz Dirbaz join Mehdi Soltani, Amir Aqaee, Sorayya Qasemi, Laya Zanganeh and Jamshid Hashempour in making up the series’ cast.