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If you are looking for new series, don't look any further than ifilm screen

Brand-new series on ifilm shows strong woman who stays the course rather than losing hope.

Brand-new series 'My Mother' on ifilm playlist is set to entertain the viewers wishing for engaging drama.

The series is about a strong woman who has been through the ups and downs of life and managed to survive and thrive. But an old secret unravels her life and disturbs her peace. She realizes some of her loved ones have gravely wronged her and sets on a path to get back what was taken away.

You can catch a glimpse of the series in the attached video to get to know what you will sign up for a few months.  

The female star in series, Golchehreh Sajjadiyeh, graduated in 1977 with a degree in theater.

Like many Iranian actors and actresses, she started her career from the stage, appearing in the 1975 play 'Jafar Khan Returns from Abroad'.

She made her acting debut in Bahram Beizaee’s 'Crow' in 1977. This talented actress also appeared in the 1998 movie 'The Beautiful and the Hideous'.

The thespian won the Best Actress Crystal Simorgh for her role in the film 'Land of the Sun' at the 1996 Fajr International Film Festival.