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Versatile actor turns 65; happy birthday!

It is high time to run an eye over what veteran Iran actor has done so far in Iran cinema and TV.

Today marks the birthday of famed Iranian actor Parviz Parastouee popularly known as the "Bodyguard" of Iranian cinema with a host of versatile roles over the years. 

The actor just like any versatile counterparts is comfortable being uncomfortable with many memorable series and films under his belt, including 'The Chef', 'Bodyguard'Imam Ali (AS) and 'Under the Blade'.

His acting career began at the age of 15 when he joined a theatrical troupe and performed for several years at Youth Palace and the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults.

Parastouee received his first awards from Youth Palace for his performance in 'Kiosk' and 'The Submitters' plays. The Special Jury Award at the Fajr International Film Festival for 'The Lizard' (2004) and the Diploma of Honor at the Fajr International Film Festival for 'Leily is with Me' (1995) are some of his other notable accolades.

In 2015, the actor went before the camera of Ebrahim Hatami-Kia in the movie ‘Bodyguard’ and starred as Haidar Zabihi. His role in the flick gained him the Crystal Simorgh for Best Actor at the 34th Fajr Film Festival.

He is adept at featuring versatile roles. More recently, he played the part of a francophone in 'Los Angeles - Tehran' speaking some French. You can watch part of his performance in the video attached.

Besides being a prolific actor, Parastouee is a singer. He has recorded three albums so far, including the latest one titled 'Daddy' (2006). In his latest movie 'Motreb', he sings a song with his pleasant-sounding voice.

'Motreb’ hit a new gross box office revenue in Iran, beating predecessors as per previous sales records.