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Glorious series on Imam Reza (AS) sister in making

New Iranian series on Imam Reza's (AS) sister is in development.

New Iranian series on Imam Reza's (AS) sister, Hazrat Fatima Masumeh is in development. 

The series will be prioritized over a cinematic project that director Javad Afshar and producer Mojtaba Amini had earlier announced to be made.

The director on this huge series project said to local media that, "I worked with Hamid Rasoulpour after years of research on the screenplay of this work," adding, “Considering the breadth of the project, the characters, stories, historical events, etc., … we came to the conclusion that a series should come first in order to depict the elevated character of Hazrat Masumeh (AS) with a comprehensive narration of historical events.”

He noted that “we put the series production high on the agenda so that we can produce a cinematic work along the way.”

"Currently, the writing of the movie script has been completed and we have started writing for the series version. When the final version of the script is done, we can enter the pre-production stage of this great movie alongside the production of the series,” Afshar noted.

He concluded, "No decision has been made for the actors of this project yet as we wait until the series’ screenplay is finalized."

The glorious project of Hazrat Masumeh (AS) will be written by Javad Afshar and Hamid Rasoulpour and directed by Javad Afshar. The custodianship of Hazrat Masumeh’s (AS) shrine will be cooperating in the project.

Fatima Masumeh was sister of the eighth Shia Imam Reza (AS) and Iranians celebrate daughter’s day on her birth anniversary falling on June 23, this year.