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‘Saint Mary’ actress turns to make-up designer!

Star of 'Saint Mary' reveals to ifilm she has turned to make-up designer after starring in the hit series.

In an ifilm exclusive report, star of ‘Saint Mary’ talks about how the make-up designer of series contributes to her acting career.

Famous star of this hit series, Shabnam Qolikhani said to ifilm about the personality of the Iranian make-up expert Jalal Moayyerian who took on the make-up design for ‘Saint Mary’.

“About Mr. Moayyerian, I should say that meeting him in the series was my first encounter with a make-up designer. I was honored to have met him there as I knew he's an expert in this field,” the actress says.

“He said on the very same day, I’d better take some make-up design courses. I said to him, ‘I don’t want to be a make-up artist’. Though he told me that I needed to harmonize my face as an actor whether I liked it or not. It is an added plus,” Qolikhani adds.

She took his advice and learned how to do the make-up design after the series ‘Saint Mary’ wrapped up production.

The actress became Mr. Moayyerian’s student and learned from the best all make-up courses there at his make-up design academy.

"The advice was really helpful and in one of my movies, I had to do the make-up design myself as the artist did not come with the crew," the actress concludes.