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I had no room for mistake: Mehran Ahmadi

ifilm English has published Mehran Ahmadi’s interview on his path to become an actor.

Mehran Ahmadi, ifilm actor in the current series ‘Until Being with Sorayya’, has opened up about his path to reach the acting career in an interview. 

Ahmadi attended the ‘Gathering’ TV show and gave some details about the hardships that he undertook to become a successful actor.

Before entering film industry, he experienced various jobs such as a driver, masonry worker and a cook.

Going through so much trouble, Ahmadi is now a popular actor who believes that having a rich dad is not a bad thing, saying, if he had a wealthy dad, he would have ended up a different life.

He studied theater and began his cinematic career in 2006 with the movie ‘Adam’.

His performance in movies ‘Nothing’, ‘Persisting Dreams’, ‘Thirteen 59 (1980)’ and ‘Alzheimer’ were positively received by critics and audiences.

Ahamdi has also played roles in the series ‘Alone in the Dark’, ‘Foggy Days, and ‘The Capital 2 and 3’.

To know more about him, click here.

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