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ifilm to offer ‘The Green Ring’ finale

‘The Green Ring’ is to end on Friday evening.

ifilm has set to conclude the spiritual series ‘The Green Ring’ on Friday evening.

The series finale for Ebrahim Hatamikia’s 18-episode TV series will hit the air at 18:00 GMT on June 26. This part of the show will be repeated three times the next day at 00:00, 09:00 and 15:00 all GMT times.

The show puts together the story of a man whose body has given up on him and wants to depart but his soul is still resisting to accept the fact and wants to fight for life.

A brief synopsis for ‘The Green Ring’ reads, “Golbahar is struggling to become a doctor in a strange city with no support of any kind. But things are about to get much more complicated for her as she is the only one who can perceive Hassan. He is a brain dead patient’s soul who is not sure if he wants his heart donated. She is willing to help him”.

Sima Tirandaz, Hamid Farrokhnejad, Homeyra Riazi, Mohammad Hatami and Atash Taqipour form the main cast members of the flick.

Since Saturday evening, the show will be replaced by ‘Like a Mother’ series directed by Javad Afshar.