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‘Butterfly Stroke’ releases post-corona trailer

‘Butterfly Stroke’ releases new trailer for post-corona screening.

Fajr-winning ‘Butterfly Stroke’ (Butterfly Swimming) (Drown) has released a new trailer for its post-corona public screening in Iran.

The movie has been scheduled to be one of the movies to hit Iranian silver screens following the home period due to COVID-19. 

Directed by Mohammad Kart, ‘Butterfly Stroke’ narrates the story of some people from the poverty-stricken neighborhoods in Tehran.

People have to pretend to be strong if they want to survive the brutality of their environment.

Some top-rating Iranian actors such as Mohammad-Javad Ezzati, Tannaz Tabatabaee, Mahlaqa Baqeri, Pantea Bahram, Ali Shademan, and Amir Aqaee have starred in the flick.

Iran’s movie theaters have resumed activities with observing the health protocols and under the condition that just 50 percent of seats would be taken by the audiences.

Using face masks and gloves, broadcasting coronavirus-related trailers prior to screening the movies and performances, considering seat separation policy and preparing liquid soap and sterilizers are among the health protocols.

Also using a thermometer to identify the infected people and preventing them from entering the halls is required.

The entire art and cultural activities, including public screenings in movie theaters were halted across Iran since this February due to the coronavirus pandemic.