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‘Faces without Visage’ en route to French fest

Iran short ‘Faces without Visage’ is to attend the Bordeaux Shorts in France.

Iranian short title ‘Faces without Visage’ has been accepted to attend the Bordeaux Shorts: International Festival of 1-Minute Films and Short Films in France.

Directed by Hessam Rahmani, the flick will run at the Documentary section of the first edition of the French event.

The flick is a poetic and artistic attempt to show the bitterness of dementia, a disease which is fast spreading around the world as the countries’ populations grow older.

The film opens with a picture frame of the time the narrator of the story was not born yet.

The woman in the shot is not smiling and the man seems unhappy about it.

Later the birth of the narrator brings a nice smile on her lips but little by little the man seems to lose it to the disease and forget everything that once meant a lot to him, including his wife’s smile.

‘Faces without Visage’ has already attended a number of film events, including the Photometria International Photography Festival in Italy and the London Short Film Festival in the UK.

According to the official website of the Bordeaux Shorts, the event accepts super short films on the belief that “The Stories and the way they are told take precedence over the technical means used and that we tell a lot with very little…”.

This year’s edition of the event has specified a section to Iranian filmmakers to be able to easily submit their works to the fest.

It is mentioned on the website of the fest that the political sanctions should not be in the way of directors to show their films to the world.

The closing ceremony for the Bordeaux Shorts is slated for October 23, 2020.