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Iran’s animation ‘Nonsense’ wins in India

Iranian stop-motion ‘Nonsense’ wins award at the COVID-19 Int’l Film Festival in India.

Iranian stop-motion ‘Nonsense’ has garnered the Best Animation Award at the 2020 COVID-19 International Film Festival in India.

Directed by Ramin Molamohammadi, ‘Nonsense’ was produced in 10 episodes, each 1 to 4 minutes.

The animation focuses on different social subjects.

The episode that entered the competition is titled ‘Stay Home’ and is the story of a family that decides to hold an Iranian traditional gathering in the days of coronavirus outbreak.

The festival that centers on the coronavirus issue was held online and received 70 works from 22 countries.

The festival aims to bring together the knowledge, experience and the ideas of different filmmakers who are facing the issue of coronavirus these days.

The event was scheduled for May 25-June 3, 2020.