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Komeil Soheili’s works o attend Spanish fest

Iran director’s films are to attend Terres Travel Fest - Films and Creativity in Spain.

Two works by one Iranian filmmaker have been selected to attend the Terres Travel Festival - Films and Creativity in Spain.

The Spanish film event, which holds two categories of competition namely the Tourism Films and Documentaries, has accepted two of Komeil Soheili’s films ‘Coexist’ and ‘We Are Not Venice’ this year.

Both films will be showcased at the Documentaries competition section of the 4th Edition of the fest which is slated for September 4-11, 2020.

Komeil Soheili is a young but renowned Iranian film and documentary filmmaker. He has already made several award-winning works such as ‘Lale Complex’, ‘Freedom’ and ‘Sacrifice’.

Among the awards and nominations he has gained some are for his film ‘Sacrifice’. For instance, for the same movie, he won the best documentary research and plot at the second Sama Film Festival and also won a nomination at the same category at the International Roshd Film Festival.

Soheili has also made some documentaries on Iranian landscapes and goods such as on Iranian Saffron and windmills which have been featured on National Geographic channel.

The Terres Travel Festival - Films and Creativity aims at exploring “the most innovative tendencies in the audiovisual representation of the travelling experience”, states the official website of the event.

The festival venue is located in the city of Tortosa which is the biggest city in Terres de l’Ebre region. The region holds two national parks which have been protected by UNESCO Bisophere Reserve.