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Christopher Nolan bans chair on set

American filmmaker Christopher Nolan bans chairs on the sets of his movies.

American actress Anne Hathaway has revealed that Christopher Nolan does not allow his crew to use chairs on his movie sets.

The actress has revealed in an interview that Nolan has some rules that should be observed when he is working on a project. For instance, he doesn’t allow his team to use chairs, cellphones or water bottles on movie sets.

Hathaway explains, "I worked with him twice. He doesn't allow chairs, and his reasoning is, if you have chairs, people will sit, and if they're sitting, they're not working. I mean, he has these incredible movies in terms of scope and ambition and technical prowess and emotion. It always arrives at the end under schedule and under budget. I think he's onto something with the chair thing."

“While the rules look unusual, they keep all members where they should be. Nolan’s projects always finish on time with the planned budget,” she also added.

Despite the strict rules of the director based on the productivity, Hathaway noted that Nolan was one of its filmmakers and a favourite with whom he had collaborated.