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2021 Academy Awards invites Iranian members

The 2021 Oscars invites 819 new members in campaign including Iranian artists.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has invited new members in campaign including Iranian artists to diversify the Academy.

Filmmaker Narges Abyar, composer Sattar Oraki, cinematographer Ali Abbasi and director Samira Makhmalbaf are among the new class of invitees that contain 819 new members, 45% percent of whom are female and 36% percent are people of color. Those who accept their invites will have voting privileges at this year’s Oscars.

Narges Abyar who is widely known for her movies ‘Breath’ and ‘Track 143’ is selected for the ‘Writers’ category of the 2021 Oscars.

The ‘Directors’ category of the Academy has also invited Ali Abbasi – director of ‘Border’, ‘Shelley’ – and ‘At Five in the Afternoon’ and ‘The Apple’ creator Samira Makhmalbaf to join the team.

The Iranian invitees go on with Sattar Oraki who composed music for ‘Give Back’ and Oscar-winning ‘The Salesman’. Oraki is asked to attend the ‘Music’ category of the event.

In order to keep up its pledge to diversify its ranks, the organization behind the Oscars has worked to expand its member roster over the past several years to become more inclusive and globally focused.

The academy has also announced a new five-year plan that includes implementing inclusion standards for nominees.

The 93rd Academy Awards is set to take place on 25 April 2021, two months later than originally planned due to COVID-19’s effects on the industry.