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An inside look into Resistance Int’l Film Festival

The Resistance International Film Festival (RIFF) in Iran has gone under scrutiny by ifilm English website.

The Resistance International Film Festival (RIFF) in Iran has planned to offer a great opportunity for filmmakers from all over the world to showcase their works.

RIFF is the first film festival that was held after Iran’s Islamic Revolution (1979), aiming to fend off alien cultural, economic and media invasion.

Held since 1983, the festival was at first known as the Week of Cinema. But after 15 biennial rounds, it has captured the attention of filmmakers as one of the most important cultural events in Iran.

The event becomes a symbol of resistance against global imperialism, terrorism and International-Zionism.

RIFF brings the international filmmakers an opportunity to get familiar with the discourse of Iran’s Islamic Revolution. The event is a place for exchanging experiences and ideas.

The Association of Cinema of Revolution and Sacred Defense hosts the 16th RIFF to pay homage to the selfless people whose efforts in the course of Islamic Revolution were invaluable.

Some of the main themes of the festival are New Islamic Iranian Civilization, Basiji Culture, the Women and the Youth in the Islamic Revolution, and Islamic Awakening in the West Asian and North African Region and the World.

The selected works including fiction works, documentaries, and script will compete in eight sections. The winners will receive awards that comprises Festival Trophy, Diploma of Honor and Cash Prize.

The national section of the event is set for September 21-27 and the international section is set for November 21-27, 2020.

For more information, check festival’s website at:

You can contact the festival through this email: