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‘Talla’ enters domestic market

Iranian drama 'Talla' (Gold) has hit home screens.

Iranian drama 'Talla' (Gold) has hit home screens.

The film that had a successful online and drive-in screening appeared in the domestic market of entertainment on Wednesday.

Co-produced by famed comedian actor/director Rambod Javan and Mohammad Shayesteh in 2018, the movie premiered at the 37th Fajr Film Festival in Iran.

‘Talla’ is a star-filled film at the helm of Parviz Shahbazi. The movie is the winner of two noms at the 37th Fajr Film Festival.  Despite many harsh criticisms, there have been reviews that have enjoyed the film at the Fajr Festival.

A synopsis to the film reads, “A group of friends decide to realize their dream of opening a small restaurant to earn a living. Mansour, having lost his regular job, now works as a private cab driver. Leila has little to show for her ten years of hard work. Reza, having just finished his military service, returns home where his father implores him to go abroad in search of a better life”.

‘Talla’ has jammed a bunch of top-notch stars, including Tannaz Tabatabaee, Negar Javaherian, Hoda Zeinolabedin, Houman seyyedi and Mehrdad Seddiqian.