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FLICKFAIR screening Iran’s ‘Playing with Pain’

FLICKFAIR on Demand Film Festival of the US is screening Iranian ‘Playing with Pain’.

The FLICKFAIR on Demand Film Festival of the US has been screening Iranian short title ‘Playing with Pain’.

The short title, written and directed by Hamed Shayesteh, is named among the June official selections of the FLICKFAIR.

The 20-minute film is being screened at the festival’s “Series/Episodic” section.

According to the Iranian Youth Cinema Society, the film’s participation at the FLICKFAIR marks its 16th international appearance.

‘Playing with Pain’ narrates the story of a war-stricken girl named Kajal who decides to conduct experiments on a Daesh terrorist.

The FLICKFAIR is “a private online streaming platform available to the global film fan community”, an online submission platform reads.

It is a monthly online film festival, “every month our private online streaming platform is updated with new selections and award winners”.