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‘Salman the Persian’ reveals new details on filming location

‘Salman the Persian’ has revealed new details on filming location.

‘Salman the Persian’ has revealed new details on filming location.

The new epic TV series at the helm of Davoud Mirbaqeri has selected part of the deserts of Damascus and some mountainous areas in the Jerusalem which is mentioned in the story of ‘Salman’.

Besides the foreign shooting locations, the flick will be also captured in locations inside Iran such as Sharoud city as well as Ghazzali Cinema Town. 

The film shoot, which has been halted over COVID-19, will be soon resumed.

The shooting will kick off from the Iranian city of Shahroud and the majority of the scenes are said to be filmed in Sharoud.

The scenes related to the Jerusalem, which are parts of the story, will be also shot in Shahroud.

Mirbaqeri’s 40-part biopic covers the life of one of Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) closest companions, Salman the Persian from adolescence until the prophet’s (PBUH) death and Salman’s return to his home city of Mada’in.

Alireza ShojanouriFarhad AslaniAli Dehkordi, and Mohammad-Reza Hedayati will be starring in a cast of more than 1500 Iranian and international actors.