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Watch ifilm exclusive BTS for ‘My Mother’

BTS footage for ‘My Mother’ releases: ifilm Exclusive.

ifilm English website has published some behind the scenes footage of brand-new series ‘My Mother’.

Since June 25 that ‘My Mother’ has premiered on ifilm, it has gained popularity among the channel’s viewership. It has triggered the idea that ifilmers would want to see what has been going on behind the cameras of this flick.

The show perhaps owes part of its popularity to the meticulous direction of Javad Afshar, as it is shown in this BTS cut. ifilmers are already familiar with his style of filmmaking as they have watched gig series ‘Kimia’.

‘My Mother’ is the story of heart-breaks and separations. Nothing can be worth than depriving a mother and her child of the eternal bond that is between them.  

So far, on the show we have found out that years ago Mahgol’s baby was taken away from her at birth. She was told the delivery was a still born. She has now found out that her daughter is living and it has all been a rouse.

We have to wait and see how she will break the news of this conspiracy to her daughter who she is now trying to cajole with.

Do not miss ‘My Mother’ every evening at 20:00 GMT. You can also catch up on every episode the next day after the original airtime at 01:00, 07:00 and 12:00 all GMT times.

To watch the series online, click here.

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