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Can you spare 100 seconds for Imam Reza (AS)

Watch praise-worthy short on people’s affection towards Imam Reza (AS).

Here is a praise-worthy short film themed on Imam Reza (AS) revealing in less than two minutes how those living near his holy shrine feel much affinity from the bottom of their hearts with the eighth Imam.  

The short film ‘From the Neighborhood Nature’ has been praised at the 9th International 100 Second Films Festival in Iran.

The film by Jamil Amel-Sadeqi features “the daily pouring out of a woman’s heart being tired of her routine life and has some words showing affinity with a [dear] neighbor,” a synopsis for the short says.

Below is the monologue between the woman in the film with Imam Reza (AS).

Yesterday evening, Ms. Mahrokh was here. I told you that she would come here. She was so delighted.

You know last week, her daughter’s dowry was brought to her husband’s house. It was so impressive. The people signed her list of dowry. The list was too long.

I wish her all the best, isn’t it so?

Her dowry was full leaving no item behind.

That’s how a mother should be

By the way, you did a great favor as well. I appreciate it  

Mom, get back here. It is a boilover on the stove.

OK, wait!

My apologies, I have to go

Thank you again



Happy Imam Reza birthday