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ifilm English TV to air finale for ‘A Piece of Land’

ifilm English TV is to air finale for ‘A Piece of Land’ on Saturday.

ifilm English channel has set to air final episode for the series ‘A Piece of Land’ on Saturday night.

Produced by Mohammad-Ali Eslami and directed by Mehdi Karampour, the series reviews the story of an extended family in danger of tearing apart.

‘A Piece of Land’ tells the story of Hajj Heydar, a well-respected family man who owns a bakery and has been baking bread for many years.

He has three children, two sons and a daughter, who he thinks can do no wrong because they’re his children.

But when his youngest son Hamed is tricked by Hajj Heydar’s mortal enemy and betrays his father’s trust, it risks tearing the entire family apart.

The series cast list includes Kourosh Tahami, Roya Teymourian, Daryoush Arjmand, Atila Pesyani, Sharareh Dolatabadi, Nafiseh Roshan, Enayat Bakhshi, Amir-Hossein Rostami, and Hadis Miramini.

‘A Piece of Land’, produced in 2012, will be replaced by the series ‘The Hidden Secret’ made by Felora Sam.

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