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Iran short ‘Echo’ running at Norwegian RIFF

The R. E. D. Int’l filmfest in Norway is hosting Iran short ‘Echo’.

Iranian short title ‘Echo’ has been attending the R. E. D. International Film Festival (RIFF) in Norway.

Barzan Rostami’s short title is in contention at the 5th edition of the film fest.

‘Echo’ is about understanding and perception of wildlife and environmental abuse and its consequences on human race.

The flick has already attended a number of global events, including the Smaragdni eco film festival in Croatia and the Southern Cone International Film Festival in Mexico where it won the Best Short Film award.

Established in 2015, the RIFF aims to bridge the gap between various forms of art and the film industry.

This year, over the pandemic of coronavirus, the event is being held in two separate versions.

The first is currently ongoing since July 03 while screening the selected works in drive-in venues.

This first screening program will wrap up on July 10.

The other session which has also been undergoing since July 03 will come to an end on August 03, 2020.

This second round is being held online.