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In loving memory of great Kiarostami; We miss Abbas dearly

Today marks the sad occasion of losing a great director of all-time hailing from Iran.

The death of late-great Abbas Kiarostami can be termed as an irreparable loss for Iranian cinema.

Today is the death anniversary of this great helmer, departing this life on July 4, 2016.

His documentary-style narrative is teeming with poem-like dialogues originating from his noble literary sense.  

“The great director’s films are marked by an unforced intimacy, by their certainty that the most interesting struggle in life is that of any human being to live on her own terms. They often take place in our quietest, most contemplative spaces. Indeed, some of them are primarily about the feeling of driving around in a car, lost in thought,” a review says about his works.

He is also regarded as a sophisticated and self-possessed master of cinematic poetry with opaque and sometimes baffling films.

The director won the acclaim of audiences and critics worldwide with award-winning movies such as ‘Taste of Cherry’ for which he gained Palme d'Or at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival,

On the sad occasion of his death anniversary, Iran Cinema Museum has unveiled some behind-the-scenes photos of this great artist.  

The center has also received a hand-written note belonging to Kiarostami that reads, “I will make a story out of my sorrow—an endless one.”