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On Art Film Festival shows ‘Light Room’

‘Light Room’ short narrative attends On Art Film Festival in Poland.

‘Light Room’, a short narrative form Iran, has attended the On Art Film Festival in Poland.

The On Art Film Festival, which is the biggest open-air film festival in Central Europe, has Pouya Aghelizadeh’s short flick in screening at its 9th edition.

The 2019 experimental short film has a synopsis which reads as, “A filmmaker has long seen the image of a woman, as it appears in her mind… looking at her.

As a result of his various attempts; the filmmaker enters, and eventually gets pulled into an imaginary room; a space he’s created. Upon entering this room, a new life force awaits him, and his subject, in the world of light and color. It reveals a phenomenon for the filmmakers fabricated world; a space in his mind, while simultaneously revealing both the subject he creates, and him, the filmmaker as the voyeur, and creator, until in its finality: communication between the two exists.”

‘Light Room’ is the space in the filmmaker’s mind waiting to be entered.

On Art Festival “was conceived to promote Polish and European cinematography. The Foundation is a leading outdoor movie organizer, with over 1,000 successful film events and circa 100 thousands pleased attendees.”

The best movies from each category will be rewarded statuettes, diplomas and sponsors' gifts.

The event, which lasts tow month, has kicked off on July 3rd and will run through September 6th, 2020.