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Is ‘The Hidden Secret’ revealed via phone call?

In the second episode of ‘The Hidden Secret’, enigmatic husband may reveal his true colors to his wife.

In the second episode of ‘The Hidden Secret’, a seemingly anonymous call may work as an eye-opener for marriage life.

The opening episode of ‘The Hidden Secret’ has just premiered on ifilm and the second episode could roll out how a husband is embroiled in a possible scandal.

The call to his wife where the person on the other side of the line is a woman named Setareh makes things more like a secret bound to unfold.

This can give any woman a heads-up, hearing a female voice saying, “Finally you answered the phone, Faramarz. It’s me, Setareh.” Especially, when the voice is calling the name of your own husband.

The series directed by filmmaker Felora Sam has a feminine look at marriage life with narrative fitting the style of this famous female director in Iran.   

You can watch this part here on ifilm website now ahead of its airtime at 21:00 GMT.