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Movie on Imam Mahdi (AS) in making

An int'l movie project on Imam Mahdi (AS) has kicked off pre-production stage.

An international movie project on last Shia Muslim Imam, Imam Mahdi (AS), has kicked off pre-production stage.

Produced by International Foundation for Reverence of Religions, the movie will be on the birth of Imam Mahdi (AS) and what his mother Hazrat Narges (SA) went through.

The project, which is yet untitled, is meant to be produced in both series and film versions as a joint work between Islam and Christianity.  

Besides Iran, the filming locations of the new movie production will be in Turkey, and Greece, but most of the production process will take place in Italy.

With only 10% of the script being left unwritten, the production will cast both Iranian and Italian stars.

The film shoot, in case the coronavirus-related restrictions are lifted, is expected to launch in 2021.  

International Foundation for Reverence of Religions started its work in 2018. It seeks to create unity between the monotheistic religions in the world. The foundation operates in 30 countries.

Imam Mahdi (AS) was born on the 15th day of the month of Sha’ban on the lunar calendar around 1,200 years ago.

He is known as the Savior among Shias, who believe he will reappear on earth as per divine decree, establishing peace and ridding the world of injustice, discrimination, and other instances of evil.