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Actors who died during production

ifilm English shortlists actors who died during film production.

It is definitely tragic and morose when our heroes or idols die. Just a reminder of how death takes even the best of us, and life cannot be taken lightly no matter who or where you are. Tragically enough, there are some movie stars who unexpectedly lost their lives during the filming of their movies or the production. So, we thought we could do our tiny bit in memory of some of our favorite movie stars.

Here are movie actors who died during filming:


Sirous Gorjestani

Sirous Gorjestani died of a heart attack in 2020. At the time of his death, he was close to completing work on the TV series ‘Shame’ by Ahmad Kavari. The crew is left with a near-finished Gorjestani series and no Gorgestani with whom to finish it.

This, it goes without saying, left the production in somewhat of a limbo.

Poupak Goldarreh

Poupak had filmed part of her role as Narges in a series with the same name when she lost her life to a car crash in 2006. She was in coma for 8 months before she gave up on life so young in age. The role was ultimately recast, with Setareh Eskandari, filling in.

Abbas Amiri-Moqaddam

Amiri, globally known as the grand priest of the Amun Temple in ‘Prophet Joseph’, had died in a car crash with weeks left to finish shooting a telefilm called ‘Good Morning Sir’. With about two third of the way through the filming, no actor was cast to fill in.

Hossein Panahi

In 2004, hard-living Panahi’s – then aged 47 – heart finally gave out after filming ‘Gharib’s World’ by Kianoush Ayyari. Panahi never got the chance to watch his performance in Ayyari’s film.

Panahi’s childlike mimic, his unique enunciation, the simplicity of his manner and his dark humor secured him exclusive roles among which ‘Dousti Radio Taxi’ is still remembered by everyone.

Mahin Shahabi

Shahabi was playing in ‘The White Position’ when her brain cancer relapsed and made her work unfinished in 2010. The team then replaced Shahin Taslimi and reshot all the scenes which were captured during the three months with Shahabi in them.

Anoushirvan Arjmand

Arjmand’s last appearance was in a miniseries called ‘The last feast’ which was on air on IRIB in 2015. Arjumand died late in the series due to air pollution and heart problems.