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What's on 'Michael' final part?

Let's catch a glimpse of the finale for ifilm cop series 'Michael'.

As the last episode of ifilm cop series ‘Michael’ is about to roll out, let's catch a glimpse of the finale. 

In this last part, you will see a good number of shoot-outs between the brave police and the criminal ring.

The evil may get what he deserves, though the protagonist is harmed and as the old saying goes, “Everything comes with a price.”

A brief synopsis for ‘Michael’ reads, “Rasoul, Michael’s best friend and cousin, becomes the victim of an attempt on Michael’s life. Michael is an honest, hard-working cop. He tries to take down the biggest crime boss of the town, but he needs the support of the people and his family who blame him for Rasoul’s death”.

The series depicts how the shadow of fear and death could paralyze people. Alternatively, they can opt for the brave path after tolerating Agha Khan for a long time.

One day, you can get together and stand up against a tyrant to debunk the inflated reputation. Here the hero plays a pivotal role.

You can watch the last part for the series now on ifilm website or wait till  22:00 GMT on Friday. 


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