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ifilm weekend movie felt supernatural

What would you do if you were given extra time after your death to meet the earth again?

What would you do if you were given extra time to get back to the earth and make things straight?

Such extra time is given to Haij Akbar Kiyani (played by Mehdi Hashemi), in the ifilm movie for this weekend set to go on air Saturday at 22:00 GTM. 

The film 'Extra Time' is a metaphor for human life, depicting hopeless air of neglect for the temporary nature of life when people just think of trivial worldly matters. They commonly forget the main purpose of life and the flick tries to remind us that life is not permanent and we do not return to life after death.

The director once said to the local media of the movie, " I don't know if this should be called supernatural or not. But most of the work highlights morality and is regarded as emotional melodrama. The screenplay was written by Reza Maqsoudee and the story begins when the main character comes back to life and deals with emotional relationship with a woman he is attached to."

Mehrdad Khoshbakht goes on to say, "We do not look at death as we should. In the flick, the theme of death just drives the story forward. The leading role is a traditional person who experiences new love of a different nature. He had a peaceful coexistence with his wife, who died many years ago, and now, after Haji's death, he is given extra time to makes this new woman in his life happy. I tried to choose the actors who were the right fit for each role. I think the choices were good and my assistant directors worked very well."

'This is the story of a carpet seller who returns to life for a short time to solve some issues. He is a rich man who had lost his wife some years ago. He meets a poor woman who expresses her love towards him, but he thinks she loves him for his money," short synopsis for the flick reads. 

Mehdi Hashemi takes on the starring role in this film. He was nominated multiple times for the Best Actor in a Leading Role award at Fajr fest for his performances in 'Two Films With One Ticket' (1990), 'Out of Range' (1987), 'Spouse' (1993), 'The Miracle of Laughter' (1996), 'Yousef' (2010) and 'Alzheimer' (2010). He won the award for 'Two Films With One Ticket'.

ifilm has aired 'movies starring Hashemi such as Golden Diet', 'Bulletproof' and 'Alzheimer'.