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Real juvenile offenders perform play in Iran doc

Group of juvenile offenders has appeared in doc themed on theater for therapy.

A troupe of teenagers at Iran Juvenile Rehabilitation and Correction Centre has appeared in doc themed on psychodrama and the use of theater as therapeutic method.

Let's watch a trailer for impressive doc ‘Narrow Red Line’ by Farzad Khoshdast about juvenile offenders in prison taking a theatrical performance on stage with the guidance of theater coaches. They spend a day out of prison by taking the show on stage somewhere else.

The award-winning doc has been screened at international film festivals including Busan International filmfest in South Korea and the 13th edition of Asia Pacific Screen Awards in Australia.

Through art, the teenagers experience a different kind of freedom. They ask for forgiveness on stage, telling the audience that everyone makes mistakes. The only thing separating them from the audience is the narrow red line they cannot cross.

The doc centers around how psychodrama could aid teenagers who are engaged in criminal acts and end up in delinquency centers. 

 'Narrow Red Line' won the NETPAC Jury Prize at the 2019 Fajr International Film Festival where it also had its world premiere.