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Nevada Film Festival to serve ‘Carrot Cake’

‘Carrot Cake’ is to attend Nevada Film Festival in US.

‘Carrot Cake’ by Iman Davari is set to take chance at the 2020 annual Nevada Film Festival in US.

The screenplay of ‘Carrot Cake’ succeeded to enter the competition section of the 20th edition of the Nevada Film Festival.

‘Carrot Cake’ was earlier screened at the American Screenwriting Conference which is an event to educate new and experienced screenwriters on the state of the art today.

The Nevada International Film Festival has been running in Nevada, California since 2011 and is known as the 'Sundance of the Sierra' in California for its emphasis on supporting independent cinema and showing creative films and screenplays.

This festival is one of the top 50 festivals in the world according to MovieMaker magazine for the last 2 years and also the third festival from the top 10 American festivals according to the 'USA TODAY' newspaper.

The festival will be held on August 28 - September 04, 2020 in Nevada.