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‘Like a Mother’ to bring you moment of departure, regret

Next episode of ‘Like a Mother’ is to bring you moment of departure and regret.

The next episode of the series ‘Like a Mother’ has been set to bring you the sorrowful moment of Ardalan and Rana’s departure.

After being married for 18 years, Rana and Ardalan went through distressing moments.

Rana realized that she has been engaged in a one-way love for 18 years and she left her family, including 3-month Arsalan.

Now that she is back for her children, she can’t pull herself up and makes dangerous decisions.

Stay tuned for the next episode of the series to find out how Rana leaves her children again.

The series, produced by Mohammad-Reza Shafiee and directed by Javad Afshar, is a social drama about the reappearance of a mother and the changes that it brings about in the life of her ex-husband and her children.

‘Like a Mother’ tells the story of a businessman, Ardalan Tamjid, who has turned to crime to build his lifelong dream of an affluent life.

Years after breaking off his engagement with Maryam to marry a lady from a wealthy family, Ardalan finds out his ex-fiancée is now running the school his daughter is attending.

Maryam's reappearance changes his life and the life of his children forever.

‘Like a Mother’ goes on screen daily at 18:00 GMT.

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