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Iran short ‘Expired’ to attend US Lancaster fest

The Lancaster Int’l Short Filmfest in US is to host Iran short ‘Expired’.

Iranian short film ‘Expired’ has been scheduled to participate at the Lancaster International Short Film Festival in the US.

Written and directed by Yasser Hamzeh, the short flick will be in competition at the 13th edition of the American film event.

The 15-minute short narrates the story of a man who leaves home on a business trip. Upon his arrival to home and as he wants to surprise her on her birthday, he must discover that his wife has been unfaithful to him.

“Goods have expiry date, days have dates, Humans will be dated too, even life has an expiration date… expired”, reads a tagline for ‘Expired’.

Payam Ahmadinia, Sahra Asadollahi, Adel Aziznejad, Peyman Mohseni, Zahra Nayeb, Nasrin Ayyoubi, Roneta Rahni-Baher, Mohammad Khodabandlou and Soroush Akar are the cast members of the flick.

The Lancaster International Short Film Festival is an annual event which holds in Pennsylvania, the United States. The fest aims to bring the film enthusiasts the most electric films of the world. It is also aiming to be a platform for the independent filmmakers around the world.

This year’s edition of the fest is slated for July 23-25, 2020.