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Iranian actresses put on bizarre movie makeup

Here is a list of Iranian actresses wearing incredible movie makeup for their roles.

Here is a list of Iranian actresses applying incredible movie makeup for their roles in various movies. 

While actors and actresses need to step into someone's shoes and make the audiences believe what they see on screen, there are times just excellent acting skills do not work. This is where special effects makeup comes in.

Accepting roles with strange looks is basically a challenge for superstars, especially for women. It takes courage for a female celebrity to appear with a non-professional look on the screen. 

The list below rounds up some Iranian actresses disguised in bizarre roles for various movies. This is a testament to the fantastic job of movie makeup in Iran.  It also shows that women on screen are not a commodity and Iranian actresses still perform well with little visual attraction.  

1. Roya Nonahali in 'Women's Prison'

The actress plays the role of a rebellious prisoner in the flick. 

2. Niyousha Zeyghami in 'Quarantine'

She plays the role of a cancer patient in the movie. 

3. Baran Kosari in 'Mainline'

The thesp plays the role of a drug addict who decides to quit drugs just before her wedding.  

4. Sara Bahrami  in 'Axing'

In this award-winning role, Bahrami portrays a drug addict character.

5.  Azadeh Zarei in 'We Will Say Amen'

The actress plays the role of a character with masculine behavior.  

6. Leila Barkhordari in film series 'Asleep and Awake'

The artist plays the role of a teenager who is metally challenged in this cop-series. 

7. Pantea Bahram in 'Drown' 

With heavy make-up and shaved hair, she plays the role of a man named Shapour.

8. Pantea Panahiha in 'Breath'

The actress appears as an old woman who repeatedly beats up a little girl in the movie over her own complexities and gender inequality she experienced for one as a child. 

9. Elnaz Shakerdoust in 'Here is not Dark' 

10. Niki Karimi in 'Pari'

The actress plays a young lady and student of literature whose mindset is revolutionized after reading a small green book about mysticism.

11. Ladan Mostofi  in 'Temporary Passage'

12. Maryam Palizban in 'Lantouri'

She plays the role of a girl named Maryam who is an acid attack victim after her lover threw acid on the young lady's face.

13. Mahtab Keramati in '20'

The actress plays the role of a woman named Firoozeh whose face is rough and her eyes have become cold.

14. Azita Hajian in 'Hourglass'

Hajian plays a woman named Mash Darya who is a street vendor and tries to make ends meet by putting on a masculine look due to existent insecurities in society.