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Husband gets tele-punishment from home in Iranian series

In this exclusive ifilm scene, domestic violence over the phone is featured between man and her wife!

In this exclusive ifilm scene, the husband is in the pickle while the wife punishes him from home over the phone. 

The scene is part of a comedy series in which the husband is punished for not telling his wife where he is. The funny part is that the wife cannot get her hands on him.

Yet this is not the whole story as the wife takes on a so-called new approach to penalize husband who went on a business trip with mimicry over the phone.

Get to know this way of communicating with each other to take it off your chest rather than getting physical, perhaps!

The series named 'Pavarchin' (On Tiptoes) is directed by Mehran Modiri. His comedy series are both fun and educative as the relations between couples are featured in a tongue-in-cheek manner as it relates.